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Close up of tiled roof with fungusWhen you get a soft washing cleaning for your roof or other delicate building materials, you’re getting a low pressure exterior cleaning that doesn’t damage or harm the surfaces of your home or business.

Soft washing techniques utilize a lower pressure water force to clean exterior surfaces. We call them techniques because they don’t just involve spraying on water at low pressures.

In soft washing, a chemical that is economically friendly is used. It’s safe and effective at loosening dirt and stains from the porous materials that absorb them, such as concrete, brick, roof shingles, old siding materials, and more.

The power of the pressure wash is taken down considerably, but is still a commercial strength force that is much stronger than you can get from your garden hose.

This combination is a technique that will ensure your building materials are left unharmed, yet you’ll have a powerful clean that removes the most stubborn of stains.

Over time, the sidewalk for instance can get a lot of foot traffic, which means that any dirt and debris littered on it will get ground into the surface, sinking down deep. The more porous a surface is, the deeper the dirt and grime will go.

Soft Washing Effectively Cleans Down Deep

Soft washing cleans all that up, even down deep. This type of professional cleaning can prolong the life of the roof or other structures.

Many roof stains are the results of algae growth. And this substance can take over a roof as well as the siding, fences, sidewalks, and more whenever conditions are right for its growth. Soft washing effectively and efficiently gets rid of problems like this while ensuring no damage is done to the roof structure or shingles.

Lowcountry Powerwashing Exterior Soft Washing Services include:

  • Roof Cleaning
  • Sidewalk Cleaning
  • Old Stucco, Brick, or Wood
  • Residential Cleaning
  • Commercial Cleaning

Taking care of your roof means your home or business will look cleaner and the building will be more attractive. This is an important measure to take if you own a business, especially when customers visit you there.

How they see you the first time can determine whether or not they come into your office or building to do business with you. Unfortunately, if the exterior is a mess, they’ll have second thoughts about trusting your service or product.

Customers expect to see a certain level of care at your business location, whether you’re an auto-mechanic shop or a grocer retail outlet.

And first impressions can be the most important because they are very difficult to change once formed. Always put your best face out there and you’ll be on your way to more success.

Whether you’re a homeowner and want to set a standard of cleanliness for your home, or you’re a business owner with a building that needs an uplift and some curb appeal, professional Soft Washing from Lowcountry Powerwashing is a great option for you.

Latest Soft Washing Projects

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