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Deck & Dock Staining in Charleston

deck-dock-staining-charlestonAt Lowcountry Powerwashing, LLC, we have award winning customer services that is geared to help with Charleston deck & dock staining. We do a lot of decks each year and would love to do yours if you’d like. No one can do all that we can for decks and docks, so call and schedule an appointment today. Our crew is knowledgeable and talented at keeping up with decks/ docks. We take pride in being the stain professionals that the community calls on. Your home’s exterior will look amazing as the value increases with our services.

Pre-Emptive Care

One of the steps in fishing a deck or dock is to have it stained. The surface will be gone over for any loose screws or nails popped out of the wood. This will prevent moisture from getting into the wood. Pre-emptive care is effective by not having to replace the planks.

Weather Damage

Another reason to keep your wooden deck or dock stained is due to weather related damages. Extreme sun and cool air can do a number of things to them such as cause the wood to splinter and eventually come loose making it unsafe to walk on. The sun can age a deck to the point where it can no longer be refinished.

Adding to the Home’s Value

Charleston deck & dock staining can add more value to the home. We don’t always know if our home will sell quickly or not and that is why some people add enhancements to them such as staining. It will spruce up the appeal to it at least.

Adding Years Onto Your Deck and Dock

You will be able to add years to your deck or dock. Stains are not just for decoration. They are made to protect a deck from the elements and age which is what causes lots of long term problems. This even includes turbulent weather problems.

Common Deck and Dock Problems

Lots of little things can happen to your deck/dock making it look less than perfect. Things such as water damage can turn your deck/dock into a slippery slope that is not safe for anyone. Staining will also prevent a deck from decay.

Natural Original Color

The original color of your deck can fade very easily when not treated. Staining is a very essential element in the process. We have a variety of choices and professionals that can get your job done to perfection.

Contact our guys for Charleston deck & dock staining. You’ll find our services to be all you need for a perfect looking extension of your outdoors.

If you are looking for a Charleston deck & dock staining expert then please call 843-729-8079 or complete our online request form.