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Deck & Dock Refinishing in Charleston

deck and dock refinishing charlestonIs your deck or your boat dock looking less than appealing? Well if they are, come to Lowcountry Powerwashing, LLC where we can do Charleston deck & dock refinishing. Refinishing them will make your property more valuable as well as sell it faster when putting the home up on the real estate market. These are great areas to entertain family and safe places to rest your boat when not in use. But- the exterior finish should be kept in good shape or it can cause plenty of problems such as cracking and splintering.

Wood Decks

Do you have a wooden deck? If you do, this part may be important. If your deck is peeling or the wood is starting to crack, refinishing may be the answer. Having it professionally done can be the solution for having a better outdoor deck.

Advantages of a Refinished Deck

You will find many advantages to having a smooth deck surface. They are places to hang out on those hit summer days and also safe places for your children and pets to be. But they are not safe if not refinished. Call for an evaluation today.

When to Have Refinishing Done

We get asked a lot when is a good time to have Charleston deck refinishing done. We tell each of our customers that they should be refinishined every 3-4 years just to be safe because a deck is made as an extension to your outdoor living space.

How to Test a Deck

If you are not sure what to do with your deck, there is a trick that you can do before you call for professional advice. Sprinkle water on it and see if the water gets absorbed quickly or if it beads up. If it beads, you’re okay but if it absorbs, you need professional work done.

Dock Maintenance

It is important to keep up with a dock because it can be a beautiful place to watch the sunset and prepare the family for a day out on the water. This is why Charleston dock refinishing can help when it is done professionally.

Dock Refinishing

There are dock options that can take the weather-work dock and make it look new once again. We have an advanced system of refinishing that offers many different finishes. Call to pick out the right finish for your deck and preserve it.

Call to have our deck & dock refinishing services done in Charleston and have them done by our technicians who will get the job done in detail and right the first time around.

If you are looking for a Charleston deck & dock refinishing expert then please call 843-729-8079 or complete our online request form.