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Does Roof Cleaning Really Matter on Sullivans Island?

sullivans-island-roof-cleaningSometimes our Sullivans Island customers ask, “Does Roof Cleaning Really Matter?” After all, they wonder, most of our roofs get cleaned off pretty regularly by the wind so there’s really nothing up there to clean off.

Let us ask you to take a good look at your roof. Can you see black or green tinted stains on the roof? If so, it’s important to get them cleaned up and to do what you can to avoid getting them.

Algae on the roof looks like a stain most of the time with varying colors. Most commonly you’ll find green stains or black stains, but they can also be yellow, orange, or reddish in color. Streaks are often caused by the break down of the materials underneath the shingle. But when algae is present, it eats the lime in the roof shingles, making it degrade years quicker than normal.

While many of us enjoy our seasonal changes, our rooftops go through a lot during the year and can wind up with problems like black streaks, green or red stains on the shingles, rotting from debris, leaks from impacts, and more. You may ask yourself if some roof stains really matter, so why bother with Sullivans Island roof cleaning?

Algae Eats Asphalt Roofing Shingles

Algae feeds on the lime that’s adhered to the asphalt shingle. When the right conditions are present, the algae can thrive and if left alone will destroy your roof years sooner than if you were to have it removed.

As temperatures change, even from day to day, roofing materials do a lot of expanding and contracting with the warmth of the sun during the day and the coolness of the night time. Even with those small temperature changes, the roof shingles go through a lot of changes. Add high humidity or frequent rain storms to these other regular conditions, and you have even more problems.

Powerwashing Removes Algae And Other Stains That Cause Roofing Problems

At Lowcountry Powerwashing, we clean roofs all the time and know all about what’s causing your roof problems. We use eco-friendly solutions when providing our Sullivans Island roof cleaning services and get rid of problems like algae growth and other roof stains. Of course, cleaning off your roofing to get rid of debris is important, but removing the algae adds years onto your roof structure that you wouldn’t have if you left the algae to eat away at your shingles.

The shingles protect your underlying materials. And once they’re damaged, everything under the shingle gets exposed to all sorts of environmental conditions. Having the stains and algae growth removed ensures you’re doing everything you can to give longevity to your roofing system.

When you’re ready to get rid of your algae or black, green, yellow, orange, or red stains from your roofing surfaces, give our Sullivans Island powerwashing experts a call!

If you are looking for roof cleaning services in Sullivans Island, please call Lowcountry Powerwashing, LLC at 843-729-8079 or fill out our online request form.