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Eliminating the Dark Stains on the Roof with Power Washing in Charleston

As a homeowner, it can be tough to keep up with your exterior. In order to retain the home’s value, it’s important that you take care of every single detail which even includes Charleston power washing.
Depending on the type of roof you have, dark stains can appear over time on an asphalt roof. This is what’s known as algae. It grows on roofs that are neglected. You mostly see them in warmer and humid climates like South Carolina.


A roof should be professionally inspected because some stains can become permanent as a replacement could be the next step. But a roof inspector can determine that. There are lots of benefits to having a Charleston roof power washed:
Improves structure of roof
Removes stains from a roof
Increases appeal of roof
Power washing is not a task that’s built for just anyone. If you have ever dealt with one of these machines before, you know how powerful they are. They use jet spray to remove algae and other buildup from a roof.
The force, from a power washer, is so strong that it can damage a roof and other parts of the roof’s structure such as the flashing and gutters. This is why the job should be professionally done. Professionals have the equipment and safety features to get a job completed.
If you miss that “like new” look of your roof, you should consider having it professionally cleaned. In no time at all, your roof will have that look back and you’ll feel 100% more confident about it.
You’ll need to take a before and after picture when it comes to your roof. You are going to see instant results and have the changes made to it that you have been looking for all along. Your home’s value can be increased greatly.
For reselling purposes, power washing helps. Your exterior is the first thing that people see and also the last. Everything within the exterior should look good including your roof. That’s because your roof is one of the most important elements of the home.
Without a strong roofing structure, you’re making it vulnerable to water damage and other things that affect the look and the function. Needless to say; if you’re not taking care of your roof, it will show.
Before your roof crumbles apart on you, call a professional Charleston power washing company. Lowcountry Powerwashing is the place where you can have roof cleaning done professionally. All of the strong roofs, in the area, have gotten that way from power washing.

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