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Charleston Deck Staining Tips

Great Tips for Restoring Your Charleston Deck

Charleston Deck StainingDecks are great for family gatherings and neighborhood backyard parties. Most homeowners instantly see the benefits of new decks almost instantly after they are installed. With their constant exposure to the outside element, even the most well-built decks will need ongoing maintenance and a new stain finish from time to time. Before you launch you new dew project, however, there are a few key items that you’ll want to know. When you contact a professional Charleston deck builder they can help walk you through every step that you want to take in order to insure that your backyard deck lasts a long time.

Framework Inspection

Revitalizing your deck requires more than just a fresh new coat of stain. Whether you have a single-level deck with a basic rectangle design or a multi-level level deck with stairs and other features, safety should be your primary concern. So a complete inspection of your deck’s structural stability is essential. Are there warped boards? What about cracks along the framework? You may also notice that nails or fasteners are missing. Look around at the posts and legs of the frame to make sure they are in proper condition. Everything begins with the framework. A building crew can replace all needed boards and studs.

Refinishing The Surface

Decking is very similar to wood floors. It can only be refinished so many times before it loses it’s lush appearance. If you refinish a worn surface you may find that you’re just spinning your wheels and wasting time and money. Although there are many different times of stain, the primary purpose is to accent the current surface, so even with multiple layers of stain, your surface may be so worn out, that there’s no way to bring out it’s natural beauty. You want to consider replacing the top boards and start all over again. The quality of the wood that you used for your deck is also a factor, so don’t go cheap. Invest in high quality north American wood that will last.

The Right Stain Matters

Just like choosing the right wood is important, so is choosing the right deck stain. There are essential 3 different types of stain that you can use for decking.

Transparent Stain – Transparent stain is available in both water-based and oil based. Water based are simple to apply, but do not have the long lasting qualities that oil based stain has. The proper application of transparent stain is to merely bring out the qualities of wood that already has a beautiful natural finish. Some examples of this may be cedar or red wood. Transparent stains have to applied more frequently than other types of stain.

Semi-Transparent – You can get semi-transparent stain in water or oil based as well. They generally last much longer than fully transparent stain and need to be applied about every three to four years. Semi-transparent stain has more flexibility than other types of stain and can be applied to different types of wood. If you use your deck a lot, then semi-transparent stain is the way to go.

Solid Stains – If the wood in your deck is a bit more worn and filled knots and unattractive spots, then you can cover them up with solid stain. Although solid stain is great at creating a brand new look over the decking, it’s also vulnerable to scratches and wears out quite easily. Be aware of how much activity will occur on a deck with solid stains and treat the surface with absolute care.

Protect Your Deck with Sealant

No deck remodeling project is complete without applying sealant. Sealant protects both the finish on your deck and the wood. Since your deck is outside it’s exposed to wind, rain, humidity, and constant sunlight. Charleston has both hot summers and sub-freezing winters, so temperature will also be a factor. The right coat of sealant will insure that your deck can withstand all of these elements, and will give it long life. It’s smart to hire a professional to seal your Charleston deck, so that it gets done correctly and fast, as efficiency is the key to proper application.

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